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Titan Whole House Carbon Filter For Municipal Water

Std. Beige or Black Optional Jackets in Stainless & Platinum

Upgraded By-Pass Valve Included with Tank (Limited Time)

Municipalities are charged with providing their customers with water that is free from microorganisms that can cause disease. Disinfection with chlorine or chloramine is an essential component of that process. This process takes place at the water treatment plant and continues down miles and miles of underground distribution piping. But do you really want or need the disinfectant once the water arrives at your home?

In your home, chlorine or chloramine can contribute to many health concerns. When chlorinated water in your shower heats into a steam state, it converts to Chloroform (EPA) and considered 100 times stronger than chlorine.

It’s what is on the inside that counts!

Your Titan whole house carbon filter utilizes only the finest quality of coconut carbon available. This gives you acres and acres of surface area to absorb unwanted contaminants, chemicals, tastes and odors from your from your family’s water.

Tank Size
Titan Non-Backwash
8”x44” Carbon System
.75 Cubic Ft.
Titan Non-Backwash
9”x48” Carbon System
1 Cubic Ft.
Titan Non-Backwash
10”x54” Carbon System
1.5 Cubic Ft.