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What Your Neighbors Have To Say!

"Our water was so bad, hard, dingy clothes, musty odor, stains and our child had severe eczema. After the installation, our water went from really bad to really great. The eczema cleared up and the quality is now wonderful. These guys know what their doing, great product and super service. Even after 4 years we still recommend Titan Waters to everyone and worth every penny." Robert/Tiffany - Homer Glen
"Tested our water and installed water conditioner and iron filter in our 10,000 SFT home. They did an excellent job in every aspect. Titan Waters also worked with many of my friends in the area and they too were all very pleased with Titan Waters." Dr. Yeshwant - Barrington
"Titan Waters spent much time with me explain and testing my water, explaining the system and the health benefits. White glove installation and followed through whenever I had any questions. Professional company, everything is working wonderfully now for 4 years- thank you." Terry Peterson - Sheridan
"We can now drink straight from the tap without any smell or fowl taste. Our ice cubes do not have a chlorine smell, which makes our adult drinks a lot better. Titan resolved all our water issues and my new bride and I are very happy with them. Cleaner water, almost maintenance free, good investment for your house and "health"."
Jack/Michelle - Glen Ellyn
"One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was installing a whole house filtration system from Titan. One of the worst decisions is putting it off till now. What a huge improvement this has been and my wife is giddy every time she washes dishes, everything sparkles. Our skin issues disappeared and hand lotion is a thing of the past. These guys are absolutely first rate in their service, in their knowledge- everything. They have earned my unconditional endorsement." Craig Niedzielski - Bartram
"Our experience with Titan Waters was simply amazing. I received many other quotes from other companies (some were nightmares), yet Titan was lower and a better product. They are so professional and helpful with all my 1,000 questions. I also was sold on 100% satisfaction or your money back. I highly recommend Titan Waters to everyone. Five stars to this company and it’s excellent friendly customer service - I love my water now!" Naydi M.- Prospect Heights
"O.M.G our water was really bad and highly chlorinated. After moving here, our baby developed a severe case of eczema that just would not go away. Our house water is now drinkable right from the tap and our baby’s skin issues cleared up completely. Our Pediatrician advised having our water checked and he was right. These people have a great product and wonderful service." Hilary/Dylan - Downers Grove
"These guys delivered everything to me as promised; my water
was horrible and now no more chlorine nor metallic taste. We have
great water now from every tap. There system is really
maintenance free, a great lifetime warranty investment and worth
every penny, thank you Titan…" Jack/Amanda - Lemont
"After recently installing another system a few months ago, we still found ourselves with smelly chlorinated water. We called Titan Waters and their technician came out the next day and advised on the right equipment to have. We’re now chlorine free and our water taste great. We highly recommend these folks, impressive system and friendly service…" Doug Lewis - Schaumburg
"Our water was so bad, hard, red iron stains and smelled like
rotten eggs. The quality went from -2 to 10+, now I can brush my
teeth without gagging. We highly recommend Titan Waters system
to friends and family, top notch company." Sam/Darlene - Prospect Heights