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Entek Enviormental Technologies Reverse Osmosis

What is Reverse Osmosis?

The real flavor of water refreshes and satisfies. But today, enjoying a drink of water may not be as simple as filling your glass from the tap. Even when treated by an approved municipal water system, minerals, organic matter or chlorine often mars the goodness of water.

Reverse Osmosis is a filtration process used for water. It works by using pressure to force a solution through a membrane, retaining the solute (dissolved solids) on one side and allowing the treated solvent (water) to pass to the other side.

The membranes used for reverse osmosis water systems have a dense barrier designed to allow only water to pass through while preventing the passage of solutes (such as salt ions). This process requires that a high pressure be exerted on the high concentration side of the membrane. Contact us today.

The Final Barrier

Safer and better tasting water
This is why you need the protection reverse osmosis technology provides!

Reverse Osmosis systems typically reduce:

Chemicals Chlorine Arsenic Metals Mercury
Foul Tastes Lead Sodium Odors Silver
Sediment TDS Fluoride Nitrite Copper
Chloride Barium Calcium Nitrate Cysts
Chloroform Sulfate PCBs Bacteria Pathogens
Septic Leaching Trihalomethans (THMs) And More!  

Entek Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems come with quick-change cartridges, NSF certified, 50-75 GPD membrane, plastic storage tank, dedicated faucet, saddle valves and instructions.

The Water Quality Association describes the "final barrier" as "the use of drinking water filtration systems to ensure quality drinking water is available at the water faucet". Use of the "final barrier" can address the following:

Focus On The 1% percent

Only one percent of the water you use actually goes into your body. This is why providing water treatment at a central location to drinking water quality standards is wasteful. After all, 99 out of every 100 gallons of municipal water is used to water lawns, flush toilets, fight fires, wash clothing and automobiles, showering, brushing and a host of other external uses.

By focusing on the 1% of the water used to drink, it becomes much easier to protect you and your family from the harmful contaminants listed below:

Well Water

If you enjoy a suburban lifestyle or live in a farming community, your water quality may be significantly challenged with:

Okay... RO is the best technology but, Why Titan Waters technology? 

Two Models To Choose From:

Entek 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis

Entek 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis with Booster Pump

Enjoy 6-Step Filtration

Specification Data
Membrane 50-75 GPD
Max. Pressure 125 psi
Min. Pressure* 40 psi
Temp Range 34-100F
Max. TDS 2,000
Max. Hardness 15 GPG
Max. Iron 0.3 ppm
Max. HS 0.0 ppm
*Min. Pressure without pump assisted model

Part Number Description
Entek ROC-S Sediment
Entek ROC-CBC Carbon Block
Entek ROC-GAC Granular Carbon
Entek ROM-50 Membrane
For replacement filters please contact
Titan Waters at (904) 807-8077 or email at testing@titanwaters.com
  1. Pre-filtration for sediment and other particulate.
  2. Pre-filtration with activated carbon to remove Chlorine, tastes, odors and other chemicals.
  3. RO membrane to remove additional harmful drinking water contaminants.
  4. Storage tank, small foot-print
  5. Post-carbon treatment for final polishing.
  6. You get great tasting, high quality drinking water from the dedicated RO faucet.
  7. Booster Pump Model can increase performance up to 75psi.

Features For Quality Drinking Water:

Water Contaminant Reduction:

Reverse osmosis water softener also reduces contaminants found in a household's water supply such as:
Arsenic (Pentavalent) <=50 ppb, Barium, Cadmium, Cyst, Fluoride, Chromium (Hexavalent), Lead, TDS, Chromium (Trivalent), Nitrate/Nitrite, Radium 226/228 and Selenium