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Chemical Pump Interface Box

Electronic Alternative To A Traditional Flow Switch

Model# CPIB12DC115
Model# CWCPIB12DC115
Titan Matrix TW-WS Control Processor

To Be Used Only With The Matrix Processor
Water treatment Control with 12vdc Relay Activation


STREAMLINES INSTALLATIONS: Since use of the CPIB eliminates the need for a traditional Flow-Switch, there is no plumbing involved and no leveling issues for proper operation.

ACTIVATION IS ALWAYS VERIFIED: A blue LED installed on the top of the CPIB illuminates each time the Control Board activates the CPIB.

POWER TO THE UNIT IS ALWAYS VERIFIED: An LED that is internal to the CPIB male power plug stays lighted when power is present.

EASY INSTALLATION: Connect two wires on the CHARGER Control Board, plug-in the male power cord, and program the control for desired outcome. Step-by-step programming instructions are included.

EXPANDS THE CAPABILITY OF FIXED-RATE PUMPS: Use of the CPIB allows the extension of the “On Duration” through programming, thereby enabling an adjustable function to a fixed-rate pump.

NOT INSTALLED IN A HARSH WATER ENVIRONMENT: Since the CPIB utilizes the meter from the CHARGER Control Valve (and a regen event if so programmed) for it’s activation instructions, there is no harsh water exposure to the activation component as is the case with a traditional Flow Switch. The Control Valve meter(s) are always located in a “processed water” environment. Traditional Flow-Switches can be located downstream of processing equipment, but that does not accommodate activation of a feed pump during regen.

COST EFFECTIVE WHEN COMPARED TO A TRADITIONAL FLOW-SWITCH: Pricing is nearly identical to traditional .75”-1” Flow-Switches and does not increase in price as the need for larger Flow-Switches becomes necessary.

CAN BE INSTALLED INDOORS OR OUTDOORS: Water resistant construction allows for installation both indoors or outdoors when the upright orientation is observed.

BUILT-IN DURABILITY: Transfer contacts are rated >6 times the average applied load. Five year full product warranty.